Dance Anthem Sumer Splash

If you love music and dance then you are sure to enjoy the famous Dance Anthem Sumer Splash in Pattaya. This is one of the most happening small festivals in Pattaya, where you can get a chance to shake a leg to the wonderful music. This festival has drawn the attention of thousands of national and international tourists who want to have a fun filled vacation in tropical beach destination. This festival has given them just the right opportunity to have some fun with friends and family. If you want to have some fun with dance and music, sea and sand then head straight to Pattaya with your friends and family to be a part of Dance Anthem Sumer Splash.

With its sprawling pristine white beaches and unparalleled natural beauty, Pattaya provides for Dance Anthem Sumer Splash. The picturesque natural setting, number of hotels and the proximity of this resort city to Bangkok are some of the reasons for which many important cultural events like Pattaya Music Festival are held in Thailand. The city also hosts a number of small festivals. Dance Anthem Sumer Splash is one such small Pattaya festival that has got a huge success in this beach destination of Thailand.

The dance shows in Dance Anthem Sumer Splash takes place in some of the opulent venues on the beaches in Pattaya. For example some of the water parks on the beach are selected as the venue of this event. The event generally begins at 5pm in the afternoon so that the dancers as well as the spectators do not have to suffer from the scorching heat of the summer sun. Apart from the dance shows, swimwear fashion show, live dancers and fire dancers are also part of this vibrant and lively dance festival.

Nightlife Culture in Pattaya

Though one may not find a lot of traditional Thai culture in Pattaya, the city exercises a culture of its own. Like any other place in this world the culture of this beach destination in Thailand is unique. The nightlife culture of Pattaya is one of the most important features of the city. By delving deep into the nightlife of this city you can get a good idea about the party loving culture of the city. If you love to have some fun and at the same time want to known about the culture of the place then a trip to the nightlife of Pattaya is the ideal place for that.

The nightlife of Pattaya includes a plethora of options which include discos, pubs, beer bars, lady boy cabarets and gay nightlife. In the disco you can see a mixed crowd which includes the local people as well as the international tourists. Thus a cultural exchange takes place between them in these discos. In the pubs of the city you can meet with a number of friendly people as well. In the sports bars in Pattaya a number of sports enthusiasts meet everyday and exchange their views about sports. These people also have a warm and friendly nature. From this one can very well understand that the people of Pattaya have a warm and friendly nature. They also have an open mind and are willing to receive inputs from different cultures of the world. The city has also developed a cosmopolitan culture.

The gay nightlife and the lady boy shows are also integral part of the nightlife of Pattaya. The gay community enjoys a very active nightlife in this region. This also signifies that the people of Pattaya have an open mind towards people who are gay, lesbian and transsexual. Thus you can have a better understanding of the culture in Pattaya from its nightlife.

Pattaya Music Festival

Though Pattaya is often known as a beach destination where you can relax and enjoy some wild funs as well as cheap wine, the city also nurtures a different identity. Every year Pattaya hosts the Pattaya music Festival which is one of the biggest music festivals in Thailand. If you love music then you are sure to love to be in Pattaya during this music festival. Thousands of music lovers from different corners of the world visit Pattaya during this music festival to listen to some wonderful piece of music. It is a wonderful experience to be present at such a major musical event.

This amazing festival is held in the month of March every year. The music festival in Pattaya is generally held on the beautiful beaches in Pattaya, which is a famed beach destination in Thailand. The programs are generally held in the evening. So, even in the month of March the music lovers can beat the heat and dance to the tunes of rock, pop and jazz music. Dancing to the enchanting music on the sprawling beaches of Pattaya is a truly amazing experience. To gain this experience every year thousands of national and international tourists visit this beach city in Thailand.

Rock music is the integral part of Pattaya Music Festival. This kind of music is generally loved by music lovers of all ages. Pop music too is a perennial favorite of those who have an ear to music. Many national and international tourists are also fond of jazz music played in this festival. Whether you love soft music or loud music you are sure to find your choice in this music festival in Pattaya.

Apart from music, processions are also an important part of this music festival. On this occasion several stalls are also established to sell music CDs and DVDs. You can buy your favorite CDs from these stalls too.

Museums in Pattaya

It is said that the museums in a place gives you an idea about the culture of that place. Pattaya, the famous beach destination of Thailand is no exception to that rule. The place has a number of museums where you can get a good idea about the culture of Pattaya. In other words the museums in Pattaya are an integral part of the culture in Pattaya. These museums are also leading tourist destinations of Thailand. Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum and bottle art museum in Pattaya are two most well known museums in that region. If you are visiting Pattaya do not miss a trip to any of these two museums.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum is one of the most well known museums in Pattaya. In this museum you can see a wide and varied collection of wonderful and unique items. The things you can see here are sure to make you feel eerie and at the same time interested. Visiting this museum is an overwhelming experience. You are sure to find a trip to this museum exciting and interesting. This museum gives you an idea about the different unique wonders of the world.

The bottle art museum of Pattaya is also a unique one of a kind museum situated in Pattaya. It forms an essential part of sightseeing in Pattaya. The bottle art museum is Pattaya is probably the only bottle art museum in the world. In this bottle art museum of Pattaya you can see a wide collection of bottle arts that are collected from different part of the world. Mr. Pieter De Lej from Holland and Mrs. Prapaisi Thaipanich from Thailand have established this amazing museum. During your trip to Pattaya do not forget to include a trip to these museums in Pattaya.

Pub Culture in Pattaya

Though well known for its colorful and vibrant nightlife, Pattaya, the famous beach destination of Thailand is also notable for its vibrant and colorful nightlife. Are you looking for a happy time where music and wine go hand in hand? Then you can visit any of the wide range of pubs in Pattaya. Pattaya is well known for its pub culture. if you love visiting to pubs with friends and family and listed to music while sipping into your favorite beer then the pubs in Pattaya are the ideal destination for you. The Pattaya pubs have a culture of their own and the tourists who have visited these amazing pubs in Pattaya have nothing but good things to say about them.

If you are a person who do not want to be a part of the so called sleazy nightlife of Pattaya, then the Pattaya pubs are the right place for you to go for a night out. Though Pattaya is famous for its vibrant and colorful nightlife consisting of lady boy shows, discos, go-go bars and walking streets, there are some cozy and home like pubs where you can have a wonderful time with pub food, choicest of wine and beautiful music.

In Pattaya you will find a number of pubs scattered in the city. The pubs include Kilkenny, Rosie O’Grandy’s, Jamesons and Shenanigans. All these pubs are Irish themes and have cozy, comfy home-like atmosphere. Kilkenny is situated on Walking Street while Rosie O’Grandy’ is situated on Soi 7. Soi Sukurdee is the address of Jamesons and Shenanigan is located on Pattaya Second Road just beside Marriott Resort and Spa – the famous hotel in Pattaya. Gulliver and Pig and Whistle are two other well known pubs in Pattaya.

All these Pattaya pubs offer you a wonderful ambience which is full of friendly people, live music and sports on television. You are sure to have a wonderful time in these pubs drinking beer, listening to music, making new friends and watching your favorite sport.

Pattaya Culture

Pattaya is a tropical beach destination in Thailand which is frequented by travelers every year. From a sleepy fishing village by the sea, Pattaya has grown into a rest and recreation spot for both national and international tourists. As the city is visited regularly by tourists from across the world it has developed an interesting culture that is truly cosmopolitan from every aspect. The cosmopolitan culture of the city is reflected though its cuisine, lifestyle, nightlife and many more aspects. Though the city of Pattaya is known to have a cosmopolitan culture, the city, like most other cities in Thailand, has a traditional Thai cultural root beneath its cosmopolitan overtone.

Like any other tourist destination in Thailand, Pattaya too has its culture and traditions. No matter where you go, you will receive a warm welcome by the Thai people. The Thai people will fold their hands in a prayer position and bow in front of you. This gesture is known as Wai. Wai refers to a Thai way of greeing. By performing Thai the people of Thailand greet each other good morning, good day, good night, say hello or sorry. This gesture is also used to welcome guests and to show respect to the elders. This is an integral part of Pattaya culture and at the same time the culture of Thailand.

The people of Pattaya also celebrate different traditional Thai festivals with joy and gusto. On Sangkran, which is a festival held in mid-April, on the occasion of Thai New Year the people of Pattaya carry water guns and buckets of water on street and drench each other. Wan Lai day is also a well known festival in Pattaya. This is a beautiful and fun way to welcome the next year. Loi Krathong is another well known festival celebrated in Pattaya. Many other small traditional festivals are held in Pattaya through which the city preserves its traditions in spite of a prominent cosmopolitan culture.

Pattaya Marathon

If you are going to Pattaya during the month of July, do not forget to take active part in the famous Pattaya Marathon. You are sure to have great fun participating in this amazing activity. This Pattaya event is recognized internationally and people from different parts of the world come to Pattaya to take part in the Pattaya Marathon. This Marathon event is held on Pattaya and is one of the most important events in this famous beach destination of Thailand. Even if you do not want to take active part in the event, watching the event can also be very exciting.

Do you love running and have a long cherished dream of taking part in a marathon? If the answer is yes, then the Pattaya marathon is the right event for you. To take part in this event all you have to do is to be in Pattaya, Thailand in the month of July. Reaching Pattaya is very easy as it is situated only at a distance of 140 km from Bangkok, the capital and the main international tourist gateway of Thailand. After reaching Bangkok, you can take a cab and reach Pattaya within 1.5 hours.

In the Pattaya Marathon you can participate in any of the four categories. The categories are full marathon, half marathon, quarter marathon and wheel chair marathon. Depending on your strengths and abilities you can choose any four of these categories. Runners from different parts of the world come to take part in this beautiful event. The local people also take part in this event. This amazing race starts at 4:30 in the morning to beat the beat. But in spite of beginning at such early hours you will find the streets of Pattaya are full of spectators who cheer and encourage those who are taking part in this event.